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Active Birth



Prepare for the Birth of Your Baby with Janet Balaskas

The antenatal workshop for anyone interested in giving birth naturally - now available as a feature length film!


Janet brings her iconic Active Birth workshop to your home, taking you on an inspirational journey from the start of labour to the magical hour after birth.


This beautiful and practical guide will build your confidence and provide an invaluable resource you can work with throughout your pregnancy.


Discover your potential to have an easier, more comfortable, and natural birth.

Experience the Benefits of Active Birth

  • Learn about the amazing physiology of birth

  • Understand how your body works

  • Practice positions and movements for labour

  • Discover why babies are born more easily in upright positions

  • Use the power of breathing and relaxation

  • Encourage natural pain relief

  • Work with touch, massage and partner support

  • Develop a calm, confident and positive state of mind

A journey from the start of labour to the magical hours after birth

Here's what you will learn from each part of "Active Birth - Your Guide to Nature's Plan"

Prepare for Your Birth with a World-Renowned Expert

Janet Balaskas is the author of 7 books published in over 11 languages. Since founding the Active Birth Movement in 1981, she has transformed the way millions of women give birth around the world, by successfully campaigning for the right for women to give birth actively. Along the way, she pioneered the concept of pregnancy yoga, popularised home birth and water birth - and had four children of her own.

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What People Are Saying

"I feel much more able to trust my body and my baby to take this journey. I'm so grateful for the insights into hormones, the choices we have during birth and exercises to make birth as easy as possible."


<p>Romy Lunz</p>, <p>On Google</p>

Romy Lunz

On Google

"Janet's classes are fantastic, I did them throughout my pregnancy ... I loved the way they helped me connect with my body and my baby during pregnancy... Would thoroughly recommend to anyone."


<p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" >Cara Clancy</span></p>, <p>On Google</p>

Cara Clancy

On Google

"Wonderful, informative and empowering. Janet is a leading authority on this stuff... Highly recommended...We came away looking forward to the birth and much less anxious... Thank you!"


<p>Alec Newman</p>, <p>On Google</p>

Alec Newman

On Google

Your Body, Your Baby, Your Choice

Discover your natural birthing instincts and unlock the wisdom of ancient birthing traditions with Janet Balaskas as your expert guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Janet offer live classes?

Yes - Janet teaches regular antenatal courses, as well as pregnancy yoga classes and hypnobirthing - all available over live streaming. She also offers 1:1 tuition.

To find out more, you can visit the Active Birth Centre website.

How do I access the film?

When you purchase, you will create an account with your own log in. You'll be able to log in to the site on your mobile device, laptop or computer to access the content at any time through our web player. You can also stream the film to compatible TVs from your mobile device or laptop.

Can I watch on my TV?

Yes, you can stream to a compatible TV or set top box.

If your TV is Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay enabled, you can access the film on your mobile device and stream the film to your TV.

You can also try connecting to your TV to your laptop with an HDMI cable.

If you're having trouble using Chromecast or AirPlay, make sure your mobile device or laptop and your TV or streaming box are connected to the same wifi network. When you've done this, a Chromecast or AirPlay button should appear on the video player.

Can I combine Active Birth with medical care?

In the event of special circumstances, sometimes a natural birth is not possible. Active Birth can usually be modified and combined with medical care to ensure that you are comfortable and safe, while still enjoying a positive birth for your baby. 

Another meaning of an active birth is to be actively involved in making wise decisions and choices when this needs to happen, alongside the expert guidance of your midwife and doctor.

More information and guidance on this will be available as a download in the resources section after you purchase.

Photo credits: Sarah Stirk, Anthea Sieveking and Xanthe Berkeley

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